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Levelhead by Julian Oliver : 3D augmented

Interesting 3D augmented reality game from 2008, a maze inside a cube where you guide a person around – video embedded below: levelHead v1.0, 3 cube speed-run (spoiler!) from Julian Oliver on Vimeo. levelHead is a spatial memory game by Julian Oliver, developed at the end of 2007, beginning 2008. levelHead uses a hand-held solid-plastic cube as its only interface. … Lire la suite

David Mirvish and Frank Gehry

A powerful creative synergy is set to transform Toronto’s iconic King Street arts and entertainment district. David Mirvish and Frank Gehry have joined forces to unveil a bold new vision for the Cultural Corridor, with the creation of a new public gallery, cultural and educational facilities, residential and business spaces. The inspired vision will see … Lire la suite

Stanley, le piano interactif via Twitter

The following video shows the Stanley Piano in action: Twitter is no stranger to the music world, with stars such as Justin Bieber and Katy Perry using the platform to connect with fans and the UK’s Royal Opera House even creating a Twitter Opera. Now Digital Kitchen has created the Stanley Piano, which is able … Lire la suite

Marvin Gaye : What’s Going On… / What’s Happening Brother ?

Extrait du DVD : Marvin’s greatest live performances on TV and film, « Real Thing: In Performance 1964-1981, ». This live performance comes from the long out-of-circulation 1973 film, « Save The Children » with James Jamerson on bass.

« Solutions Locales pour un désordre globale » un film de Coline Serreau

Sortie nationale le 7 avril 2010 « Les films d’alertes et catastrophistes ont été tournés, ils ont eu leur utilité, mais maintenant il faut montrer qu’il existe des solutions, faire entendre les réflexions des paysans, des philosophes et économistes qui, tout en expliquant pourquoi notre modèle de société s’est embourbé dans la crise écologique, financière … Lire la suite

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc.

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